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Sara Angius is interested in existential themes that allow her and the audience to have an introspective look at what happens “inside”.

She is interested in the human emotional layers: what is hidden beyond the surface, beyond the blurry border that separates everything real from what exists only in the mind.  There is nothing we are incapable of thinking, no place where the human mind cannot go: this is what Sara likes to experience in theatre, as a performer as well as a spectator and this is the read thread that guides her ideas.

Sara’s research is interdisciplinary and combines contemporary dance, puppet theatre, object animation, physical theatre and illusion.

For Sara, illusion – whether in dance, “Magie Nouvelle” or in puppetry – by defying the rules of reality, it helps to understand it better.

Illusion connects to the surreal or metaphysical dimension, it opens up new ways of thinking and push the spectator’s imagination further than is normally possible.


portrait  ©Ole Plönnigs


Biography /

Sara Angius, italian contemporary performer and choreographer, received her professional education at the Accademia Dance-Haus in Milan (Italy). At the same time, she completed her studies in Communication of Performing Arts at the State University of Milan.

From 2013 onwards she danced at State Theatre Braunschweig in choreographies by Jan Pusch, Roy Asaf, Kathrin Hall and Ilka von Häfen, among others.

In autumn 2015 she also took part in the choreography “From IN” in the company of the Chinese choreographer Xie Xin Dance Theatre, Shanghai (China).

She has won several awards for her own short choreographies at various international competitions. Her international breakthrough came with her self-choreographed and danced solo “Start-watchers” which received the 3rd Prize for Dance and Choreography at 17th Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart (Germany) and with the duet “The Fish Bowl” she entered the final round of 29th International Competition for Choreographers Hannover and 8th Copenaghen International Choreography Competition and she received the 1st Prize at 15th International Choreography Competition Burgos-New York (Spain).

She continued her career as a freelance artist in Braunschweig from 2017, creating the full evening piece “The Shape of Water”, which was performed at LOT-Theater Braunschweig.

In autumn 2018 Sara was guest choreographer at the DAF – Dance Arts Faculty in Rome (Italy), where she created the piece “Charming Monster”. Before that she was part of the ensemble of the Biennale di Venezia (Italy) for the project “Biennale College Danza 2018” under the artistic direction of Marie Chouinnard.

In early 2018, Sara worked with James Thierrée on the research for  his creation “Frôlons” for Opera de Paris (France), which debuted in June 2018.

In spring 2019, Sara was choreographer for the production “Mädchenmonstermusik” at Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig (Germany), directed by Michaela Diku.

Her second full-length piece “WALLPAPER”, which emerged from various artistic residencies in Germany and Italy, was premiered at LOT-Theater Braunschweig in January 2019.

As a dancer, she was hired by the Portuguese choreographer Liliana Barros for the creation of the piece “Memorabilia”.

Over the summer Sara partecipated for the third year in a row at the Movimentos dance festival in Wolfsburg (Germany) alongside the director of the dance company of the State Theatre Braunschweig, Gregor Zöllig, as choreography assistant.

In January 2020 she presented her site specific choreography “Sportomania” commissioned by the Junges Staatstheater Braunschweig.

In September 2020, she debuted with the choreography “Es war zweimal” at Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig (Germany), a relaxed performance aimed to a younger audience and those who want to experience theater in a more relaxed way.

In October 2020 Sara’s latest production “LONO-The Woman Who Had Two Navels” premiered at LOT-Theater Braunschweig.

In spring 2021 Sara received the WE-Award, a prize that encourages the potential and development of dedicated artists, empowering them through the freedom of unrestricted financial support.

After a deep research funded by the Corona-emergency programs NEUSTART KULTUR, Sara started a new production, diving into the language of the film and mixing up dance and puppetry for the first time with also cinematographic illusion. This work, titled “INCOGNITUM” premiered in March 2022 at Kino in Hallenbad, Wolfsburg, Germany and is officially selected for the Berlin Indie Film Festival 2023.

In July 2022 premired “Morpheus”, a creation for DAF-Dance Arts Faculty, Rome, Italy.

In May 2022 premiered “DECK THREE”, a site specific piece made for Staadttheater Gießen, in the frame of the Tanzart Festival.

In June 2022 Sara received the first award in choreography at the Choreography International Festival “Cortoindanza”, in Cagliari, Italy, with her short solo “FIGURA”.


Prizes and Awards /

2022 / 1. Award Cortoindanza, Cagliari (Italy), Choreography “FIGURA”

2021 /  WE Award, Luzern (Switzerland), Production prize for the research “Duet for one”

2018 /  Production Prize Festival direzioniAltre Tuscania (Italy), Choreography “WALLPAPER”

2018 / Prize Festival Prospettiva Danza e Teatro Padova (Italy), Choreography “The Shape of Water”

2016 / Prize at 15th International Choreography Competition Burgos-New York (Spain), Choreography “The Fish Bowl”

2016 / Awarded at 9th International Festival Cortoindanza Cagliari (Italy), Choreography “Star-Watchers”

2015 / Finalist at International Choreography Competition Hannover (Germany), Choreography “The Fish Bowl”

2015 /Finalist at International Choreography Competition Copenhagen (Denmark), Choreography “The Fish Bowl”

2013 / 3. Prize Dance & Choreography at International Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart (Germany), Choreography “Star-Watchers”

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