Deck three

Site specific

A man arrives inside a car.
He parks and goes out.
He closes it.

Premiere /
29. May 2022 Galerie Neustädter Tor, Gießen (Germany)

Creative team

  • Concept: Sara Angius
  • Choreography: Sara Angius
  • Performance: Julie De Meulemeester, Mona-Lisa Rigal, Magdalena Stoyanova, Riccardo Ciarpella, Alice Brunner, Giulia Sonego, Keina Oda Jahyun Kim
  • Costumes: Marta Boira Profumo
  • Production: Stadtheater Gießen in the frame of the Tanzart Festial
  • Photographer: Rolf K. Wegst
  • 2022
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