Es war zweimal

relaxed performance

From above. From underneath. Inside. From the outside. From very close and very far away. The world around us can be experienced in infinite ways. If it still seemed that way, the next moment it looks completely different.
What does it take to explore the world? Curiosity and a thirst for discovery! What else could you need? Of course a magical elevator that takes you from here suddenly to the “unimaginable”. And —– wuschhhhh —– suddenly the playground floats between planets and clouds walk on earth!

In “Es war zweimal” a dancer and a dancer turn the world as we know it upside down, full of enthusiasm for discovery. This tête-à-tête of reality and fantasy is a new TdjW-piece for the very young and their families. In addition, as a relaxed performance, it pays special attention to people who prefer to experience theater in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Premiere / 12.9.2020 – Theater der jungen Welt

Creative team

  • Concept : Sara Angius
  • Direction and choreography: Sara Angius
  • Choreography assistant: Stefano Roveda
  • Performance: Sofiia Stasiv, Denis Cvetkovic
  • Set design: Carsten Schmidt
  • Dramaturgy: Sebastian Schimmel & Anna Weyrosta
  • Costumes: Laura Nowka
  • Production : Theater der jungen Welt
  • Photographer: Ida Zenna
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