Between the inside and the outside of a person, in this subtle, blurry border, we find a door and open it. A metaphysical, surreal journey begins, into the depths of the unconscious. “Incognitum” uses the language of contemporary dance, puppetry and cinematic illusions to explore the state of social isolation. What if loneliness were an opportunity?

Premiere /
31. March 2022 Hallenbad in Kino Wolfsburg (Germany)

Screening and Awards /

Kino in Hallenbad Wolfsburg
Wolfsburg (Germany), March 31, 2022: German Premiere / Official selection

Imajitari Dance Film Festival
Jakarta (Indonesia), October 2, 2022: Indonesian Premiere / Official Selection

Mannheim Arts and Film Festival
Mannheim (Germany), October 17, 2022: Honorable Mention

Festival Internazionale di Teatro di Figura ANIMA IF 2022
Cagliari (Italy), October 30, 2022: Official selection

Berlin Indie Film Festival
Berlin (Germany), January 14, 2022: Official selection

tanzOffensive Festival
Hannover (Germany), June 2, 2023: Official selection

Reel Puppetry Film Festival
Maryland (USA), June 18, 2023: Official selection

International Experimental Film Festival
Athens (Greece), October 26, 2023: Greek Premiere / Official selection

Dance on Screen Festival
Graz (Austria), November 2, 2023: Austrian Premiere / Audience Award

Art Experimental Screenings Film Festival Fresh Stream
Tbilisi (Georgia), November 10, 2023: Georgian Premiere / Best Experimental Film

Immagi]Na Film Festival
Pozzuoli (Italy), November 20, 2022: Italian Premiere / Honorable Mention

Prizes and Awards /

2022/ Honorable Mention, Immagi]Na Film Festival Pozzuoli (Italy), Film “INCOGNITUM”

2023/ Best Experimental Film, Art Experimental Screenings Film Festival Fresh Stream, Tbilisi (Georgia), Film “INCOGNITUM”

2023/ Audience Award, Dance on Screen Festival, Graz (Austria), Film “INCOGNITUM”

Creative Team

  • Concept, Director, Producer, Performer: Sara Angius
  • Puppet Concept and Construction, Assistant Director, Dramaturgy: Johanna Ehlert
  • Camera, Postproduction: Ole Plönnigs
  • Music and Sound Design: Tom Smith
  • Editing: Ole Plönnigs, Sara Angius
  • Light: Swetlana König
  • Production Manager: Dominic Mangione
  • Production Assistant: Jana Doell
  • Coproduction: Nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH (Germany)
  • LOT-Theater Braunschweig (Germany)
  • Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz (Germany)
  • WE-Award (Switzerland)
  • Kulturinstitut Stadt Braunschweig (Germany)
  • Support: T.A.N.Z.-Braunschweig (Germany)
  • Photographers: Öle Plönnigs, Swetlana König
  • 2022
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